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Are you suffering with Anxiety, Stress, Panic or Phobias?  I offer evidence-based, drug-free solutions for healing anxiety and its many manifestations, including stress, panic, phobias, PTSD, trauma and more.


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​Hi! My name is Troy Lucia and I suffered with anxiety, migraines, brain fog and allergies for years.  After years of searching for a solution within mainstream medicine, I finally found answers with mind-body healing. I want to share my techniques with you, so you too can achieve sustaining drug-free relief from your anxiety. Please check out the video below to learn more about my approach.  

About Troy

About Troy

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  About Troy 

  • I am certified in Clinical Hypnosis, Clinical EFT and Mindfulness.

  • I will take the time to get to know you and build a healing plan that fits your needs.

  • I am available for in-person sessions in John's Creek & Tucker, GA as well as online sessions via Zoom. 

If you don’t notice any difference after 2 sessions, I will refund 100% of your payment.

Book your free, no-obligation consultation and start healing your anxiety today!

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